The Question of Calling


What is God “calling” you to do?

I don’t know about you, but when I hear someone ask this question to me, I get a big lump in my throat and immediately go into panic mode.


“I don’t know what God wants me to do.”

“What exactly are you asking me to ‘discern’?”

“What if I get it wrong?

“What if I miss the ‘calling’?”

“What if I am not equipped?”

“What if He expects me to do something, I don’t want to do….like go overseas?”

“What if__________________ (you fill in the blank)?”


When we are honest with ourselves, many of us can resonate with these questions.

So how do we find our callings? Do we ignore the calling and it comes to us out of blue? Is calling something we seek out? Or does calling come to us, somehow, someway?

To be honest…I don’t know the answer to any of these questions.

I mean, where are the 5 steps to follow to discern your calling in life? (long pause…)

I wish I knew…really, and I am still on the journey to figure it out.

I woke up the other morning and decided to read a devotional called Jesus Calling. Each devotional of the day is written as if Jesus was talking directly to you on each page. Something that was said in the devotional that morning really struck me, and got me thinking about the whole idea “calling.” The devotional stated (as if Jesus were saying this to me) “Heaviness is not of my Kingdom.”


I always thought of my calling in life as something that I had to work hard to achieve and seek out and reach. I’d say to myself, “Ok, time to get your act together, clean yourself up and get going to what you were really called to do.”

Ugh, it weighed heavy upon me; my calling…what it is?

Then fear and doubt immediately entered my mind. But, in his great grace, God met me in my place of fear and anxiety, he calmed the storm within me. In those moments, God had me consider the idea of my calling as something close and not far away. It was not a heavy burden I had to search for, in hopes that one day I would bump into it and just ‘know.’

What if my calling is what I am doing now, what if He is at work right in front of me? I don’t believe God says, “Hurry up and get it figured out by tomorrow.”

I believe God asks us to love Him first with all our heart, soul and mind, and out of this love for Him we draw closer into relationship with Him. By living this way we find ourselves living into our calling. Our particular vocation today may not be our vocation tomorrow or 5 years from now. That is why our first call is always the call to love Jesus and embody that love in the places we’re living in today. It is also in this love that we can learn to discern our particular vocations.

Sometimes we think that what we’re doing right now is not what we’re called to, and someday we will find the magical combination to finally know what we’re called to do. But, in loving God first, we find that we may just be in the right place…now.

When I experience hardship in my life or have bad days, I immediately look at myself and ask, “what am I doing wrong and how can I fix this? But, what if we looked at our frustrations and struggles differently? Maybe it is through these bumps in the road or hardships, that we find our calling. In fact, it’s often through struggle that we get to place where we can hear God in a new way, illuminating where we are called.

Maybe it is through our weakness that God is calling us.

So the question awaits: Do we have the courage to show ourselves to Him and come to Him just as we are, bringing an honest assessment of the questions we have surrounding our calling?

God’s commands and his callings are not heavy, Jesus reminds us that his burden (to love him and love others) are light. It’s in this love that we can discern and hear in clearer way.

So, may we have the faith to come to Him just as we are and know that through loving Him first we will be able to hear His voice and know his peace in our lives.

God bless you all as you grow in Him and His calling for you in your life. Praise be to God!

Lord, I am scared. I want to do your will and follow your calling in my life. But I am not sure what that looks like. What if I miss it? Help me to know that in your love, when I’m listening for your call, I won’t miss what you have for me. Lord, wherever I go, either near or far, please hold onto me and show me the way.   When I am in the place you want me to be, give me a peace, that surpasses my understanding, that I will know I’m living out the vocations you have called me to. I trust you to show me my calling. Help me to follow you.


Melinda Hoover is a 30-something, happily married mother of one crazy toddler (so far), ex-personal trainer turned full time momma/ foodie chef who grew up in the greater Seattle area. Among other things, Melinda loves to spend her time hanging out with friends and family and learning more about Jesus.

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  1. Jodi

    Thank you. This was very comforting.

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