Submission Guidelines

This will be a forum for short articles written by fellows from all five cohorts. Our hope is that this blog will be a place for further reflection and conversation in written form.

We want to provide an expanded platform for discussion and reflection across all of the cohorts. Articles should be on one of the following:

1. Something specific you’re learning and thinking about in the program.

2. A reflection on one of the readings or lectures.

3. A reflection on questions you’re asking as a result of Cascade Fellows.

4. A piece about some practical applications to your particular vocation.

We publish pieces in the range of 800-1200 words. If you have an idea for an article, please send a brief pitch to the editor, Shannon Vandewarker before submitting a complete draft. The pitch should contain a brief summary of your idea (no more than 100 words). Final drafts should be submitted in the form of a Word document.

To submit a pitch, please email shannonvandewarker@gmail.com

Writing Style

The Cascade Fellows Blog is interested in publishing pieces that are creative, thought provoking, and accessible. The first paragraph should get right to the point. Subsequent paragraphs should be brief and organized by sharp topic sentences. Sentences should be short and active. If you use names, dates, and places in your piece, double-check all facts and spelling. Use one space between sentences. Articles will be edited for length, grammar, and style.

Author Bio

Authors should submit a personal photo and brief bio to accompany their article (no more than 75 words). Bios can include the authors’ position, city, organization, and connection to the region. We are happy to include links to author’s blogs, or affiliate organizations.

About the Editor

Shannon Vandewarker leads the Cascade Fellows cohort at Westminster Chapel. She holds a BA in Biblical Studies from Azusa Pacific University and a MDiv from Bethel University. Shannon is passionate about helping people find their calling and vocation. She also loves inspiring others to find God in their ordinary, everyday lives. Shannon writes for several different organizations including Westminster Chapel’s Sunday Teaching blog and www.shannonvandewarker.com

Having grown up in Spokane, WA, Shannon lived in Southern California for ten years. She now lives in Bellevue, WA with her two sons, Declan and Koen and her husband, Dan, who shares a call to ministry and is currently serving as Westminster Chapel’s Family Pastor.