Cascade Senior Fellows

Cascade Senior Fellows:

Cascade Senior Fellows is a rigorous training program for senior-level leaders (ages 35+) who wish to cultivate a deeper understanding of the Christian faith and its relevance for their callings and careers in the marketplace.

Cascade Senior Fellows includes an innovative combination of excellent teaching, relevant readings, guided discussion, and pastoral care. Upon completion, Cascade Senior Fellows receive a non-credit professional development certificate in “Theology and Vocation” from the Fuller Institute for Theology and Northwest Culture. You can hear about the experience of past fellows by clicking on the video below.


Four aspects of Cascade Senior Fellows

  1. Readings: Senior fellows work through a curated list of readings on work, faith, leadership, and culture (20-50 pages per week).
  2. Community and Prayers: Senior fellows meet every other week for an evening of discussion and prayer. Discussions are co-led by an experienced pastor and professional.
  3. Learning: Senior fellows gather one Saturday a month (September-May) to listen and interact with local and nationally-recognized Christian leaders in the marketplace, church, and academy. Cascade Fellows faculty cover a wide variety of faith, work, and culture topics. Cascade Fellows is on a one year hiatus for the 2017-2018 course year. For more information about this read here. 
  4. Mentoring: A critical aspect of the program is the cultivation of a new generation of young Christian leaders through mentoring relationships. As a result, all Senior Fellows are asked to make themselves available for informal mentors conversations with our younger Cascade Fellows.

Program Topics:
  • Vocation — discerning God’s call throughout our callings, careers, and so-called understanding of “retirement.”
  • Experiencing God at work — learning how to practice the presence of God in the workplace.
  • Biblical perspectives on leadership — explore a Christ-like model of workplace leadership.
  • Retirement– how do we hear and respond actively to a new understanding of “retirement.”
  • Workplace ethics — how to be faithful in your daily work decision-making.
  • Cultural renewal — how to appreciate and cultivate cultural value, richness, and beauty.
  • Christian perspectives on economics and the marketplace — explore the major challenges and opportunities for Christians in the marketplace.
  • Spiritual disciplines for a working life — Making prayer, silence, study, and other practices a part of your daily routine.
  • Work, sabbath, and family — how to hold together callings to work, family, and rest.
The expectation of the program is that Senior Fellows will make every effort to complete all of the weekly readings and attend all of the scheduled gatherings. Consistent participation is critical to the integrity of the community and discussion. At the close of the program fellows are asked to consider the question “What will you do with what you know?” Each fellow will be asked to consider how they will steward their education in service to their workplace, local community, and church. A variety of opportunities and ideas for service will be provided.

Applications, Program Fees, and Financial Assistance