A Psalm of Hope: For Work


*** This is the first of the Psalms in a series, which were written by the Fellows, on our Winter Retreat. This, and the others in the series are published on the blog anonymously. 

God I trust you to be near to me.

I wait for You in the silent shadows of the night.

I know your song by heart, and I keep it on my lips at all times.

I proclaim your goodness in every circumstance and breathe hope, when I am surrounded by toxic fumes.

My eyes are fixed on your bright promises in front of me.

I have resolved to claim them for your servant.

Guard me from shame, do not let it overtake me while I am following your good path.

I love you Lord. Remember me when I am stumbling.

Weary and harboring great joy, my feet draw me nearer, to you, my God.


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