A Changing Future for Cascade Fellows

Through a process of discernment, Fuller Seminary has recently made the decision to place the Cascade Fellows program on a one-year hiatus. While inconvenient, this year-long hiatus for the fellows is going to be critically important for both the church in Seattle and Fuller.

The hiatus will allow Fuller a year of discernment to explore two critical questions with Seattle-area churches. The first question is this: what are the church’s needs for programming around faith, work, and whole-life discipleship that Fuller can uniquely help meet? Second, what sort of new director will we need to execute this programming?

Rather than forge ahead with hiring a director for the Cascade Fellows status quo, Fuller has wisely decided to take the year to listen to leaders and churches in order to discern what the church truly needs and what sort of programming it is willing to invest its time and resources in.

Dr. Matthew Kaemingk, Dr. Mark Roberts, Dr. Uli Chi and Dr. Tod Bolsinger will comprise the  Seattle assessment team in the coming year and are going to be hosting regular gatherings of Seattle leaders to discern Fuller’s next steps together.

Through this year of hiatus, we may decide to simply develop a new and improved version of Cascade Fellows. We may decide to develop something new that we haven’t even dreamed of.  The important and unchanging thing is this: Fuller is committed to empowering local congregations to do faith, work, and whole-life discipleship well. In all future discussions it will be this vision that continues to lead us.

The official beginning of this new conversation will be on April 29th in Bellevue at our “Church and Marketplace Conference.” This event will be designed to equip whole congregations to engage the marketplace in new and innovative ways. I hope you and your churches can join us! The Director of Gotham Fellows in NYC, Dr. David Kim will be one of our featured speakers.  http://bit.ly/2mKKMC4

No matter what direction faith and work at Fuller takes, know that our mission will always be to empower the church of Jesus Christ for mission in the marketplace and culture of the Pacific Northwest.

In Christ,
Dr. Matthew Kaemingk

Matthew is the Director of the Cascade Fellows and the Fuller Institute for Theology and Northwest Culture in Seattle, WA. His main research areas include theology, culture, work, and economics. He studied Political Science at Whitworth University. He earned an MDiv at Princeton Theological Seminary along with doctoral degrees in Christian Ethics at Fuller Theological Seminary and Systematic Theology from the Free University of Amsterdam. Matthew currently serves as the Director of Fuller Institute for Theology and Northwest Culture in Seattle. He teaches courses at Fuller Seminary Northwest in theology, ethics, and culture. In 2011 Matthew was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship to conduct research in the Netherlands on the contemporary conflict between Islam and secularism in Europe. While he has published articles and chapters in a number academic journals and books, he has also published in a number of popular level journals on faith and culture including Comment Magazine, Fieldnotes Magazine, and the Evangelical Interfaith Dialogue Journal. Matthew lives in Lynnwood, Washington with his wife Heather, their three sons Calvin, Kees, and Cademan, and a dog named Henry.


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